In Your Face

Abby Chan x INJURY

West Kowloon Screen Dance Project

Director : Abby Chan
Performer: Olivia Li/ Lai Tak Wai/ Gabbie Chan/ Poon Chun Ho/ Rebecaa Wong/ Steve Ng

It was a project did in only 5 hours rehearsal, 5 hours shooting and 5 hours editing.

As the world becomes angrier, this video emphasize catching the exaggerated expressions, gestures and actions of rage. The issues may be different, but the anger expressed by people around the world is universally understood, like —– emoji. Film is a natural medium to explore the idea of uncontrollable emotions. The behavior can look cartoonish, clownish, or immature. Hopefully this humorous tone helps to drive home the idea that anger uncontrolled does benefits no one. ACTION (camera phrase) with good intention is in need.

Another attempt of this video is merging film, dance and the fashion brand INJURY together. The name INJURY – when you are being cut and sewn you are in a situation of INJURY same as fabrics. Same as people.

West Kowloon Cultural District

New Works Forum: Screendance