Send In The Clowns

“Send In The Clowns”
Watanabe Mayumi x Karena Lam

Curator: Karena Lam

Choreographer : Abby Chan

Dance in video : Abby Chan x Karena Lam

Production House: Such Films Ltd.
Director: Maisy Choi
DOP: Chan Siu Ming
Editor: Wong Yan Ting
Composer: Ming @ Giggle Music

Kidult Ophelia 免治O孃

Kidult Ophelia 15mins Excerpt from chancandance on Vimeo.

Kidult Ophelia

突破美學丶突破常規丶突破一般舞蹈觀賞角度,遊走孩子或成人禁區之被包圍舞蹈劇場最新創作。由陳敏兒編丶導丶演, 夥拍著名編劇丶導演陳志樺,聯同香港本地一眾台前幕後精英,於前身為屠房之古蹟牛棚12號,上演一幕幕被免治 (屠宰)之成長矛盾故事。

This murky immersive dance theatre invites audiences into the experience of bringing up taboo subjects while growing up, intermixed with the story of Ophelia, and the installation of haunting scenery at the heritage slaughter house Cattle Depot no.12. Choreographed/performed by Abby Chan, and co-directed with well-known theatre playwright Mann Chan, in collaboration with brilliant local dance artists and designers, Kidult Ophelia encourages the audience to bring their own imagination to the show.

聯合創作/編舞/演出 陳敏兒
Associated Creator / Choreographer /Performer Abby Chan
聯合創作 /戲劇顧問 陳志樺
Associated Creator / Dramaturge Mann Chan

演出 Performers :
蔡穎 Cai Ying
何靜茹 Frankie Ho
伍仲偉 Steve Ng
蘇樂鍵 Lokin So
佈景設計 Set Designer :徐碩朋 Allan Tsui
錄像設計 Video Designer :楊振業 Adrian Yeung
燈光設計 Lighting Designer :鄺雅麗 Alice Kwong
服裝設計 Costume Designer :章佩佩 Goretti Cheung
音響設計 Sound Designer :史嘉茵 Sze Ka Yan


Hong Kong x Taipei Dance Exchange
城雙成對 香港x 台北舞蹈交流

Hong Kong Week 2012
Choreographer Abby Chan, together with Body Make-up artist Evon Chen

explores the intimate dynamics and interactive energy within body, color, sound and light in this heritage building in Taipei.
Presented by Hong Kong- taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee