” … Abby Man-Yee Chan’s clever feminist-tinged trio Cameo. Bursting with originality and a meaningful message about the ludicrous behaviors of women dissatisfied with themselves… She makes delightful use of simple props and invents a sharp movement vocabulary… “

Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage

“Hong Kong transplant Abby Chan performs “Spectrum”….Chan’s shadow becomes the primary player in this visually compelling dance…Chan makes a strikingly gorgeous canvas for the light. In the moments when the eye shifts from shadow play to live performer she is breathtaking.”

Maura Nguyen Donohue, The Dance Insider

“in Abby Man-Yee Chan’s enchanting, nightmarish Spectrum. The standout piece of the series, Spectrum was full of astonishing optical illusions and tiny, quirky gestures of Chan’s expressive fingers, toes, and hips, magnified and defined by light and shadow.”

Tamsin Nuttero , The Arts Cure online magazine

“Siesta – Before Hong Kongs Return is a modern piece that is short, sweet and focused on Hong Kongs imminent return to Mainland China…Chans choreography is beautiful, smooth and visually exciting.”

Kevin Kwong, South China Morning Post

“(Something Strange in the Air) revealed the sadness our society…womans sensitivity is shown through their creative and contemporary dance movement….extremely sensuous and crazy.”

Lai, Economic Journal

“Bizarre, witty, but most of all, every funny….sensuous and beautifully choreographed dance. more than just a dance show, this was an intelligent and wry critique on Hong Kong peoples senseless pursuit of popular culture and our tendency to panic and crisis.”

Kevin Kwong, South China Morning Post

“The performance was full of innovative concepts, seasoned with wit, camp humor, sarcasm and, above all, craziness.”

Simon Wu, South China Morning Post

“In Disclosure. Chans work suggests a balanced relationship between the choreography (our lives) and fashion design. Through simple episodes and lighthearted encounters among the dancers, Chan captures the play that goes on between fashion and people.”

Tucker, Dance Journal / HK

“Chan’s Getting to know you …. the choreography is attaining a nice balance with her theatrical sense of humor.”

Lau Kin Wah, Dance Journal / HK

“In Pipe Dream… Chan has the uncanny ability to poke fun at eminently preposterous facets of contemporary life that have somehow managed to worm their way into respectability, tickling the objects of her ridicule. In the process she lets us laugh at ourselves and enjoy the foibles of our all-too-human nature.”

The Hong Kong Dance Awards