2019 MMM : RE 雙妹嘜 : RE

Send In The Clowns

Watanabe Mayumi x Karena Lam x Abby Chan

Send In The Clowns



滅了的金紅燈球 讓舞台頓時失去了華美

像天空那麼大的帳幕 空空的 只剩滿地紙片沙沙嘆息著

籠子裡 大像思念著草原的芬芳

雄獅哀怨著逝去的英姿 淪落至跳火圈謀生

舉起一晚後腿的疲累狗兒們緊緊相依 終能歇息

白馬的空洞眼神 似乎已遺忘奔馳的自由

睡不安穩的動物們蜷縮在升自牢籠裡 問這一切何時會過去


馴獸師呆視著長鞭 內心卻不斷矛盾糾葛

扮空中飛人的年輕孩子獨自坐在黑暗的鞦韆上 想家

噴火特技男必須用威士忌漱口 只為蓋過嘴裡痛恨的汽油味

肢體怪奇者看著鏡子裡的自己 不解命運究竟



他們的歡樂/悲傷 華美/寂寥 光華/晦暗 猶如一支雙人舞緊緊相隨

光與影 黑與白 明與暗 日在夜裡 夜在日裡 循環循環循環著



Photo Credit to: Deon Wong and Hin Wan

Source: http://timable.com/en/event/1579446 | Copyright © Timable

Cattle Runway 花生騷

photo credit: Jesse Clockwork







Thank you to all the talented dancers:

Jesscia Cheung/ Frankie Ho/ Cola Ho/ Jonathan Hun / Andy Lee/  Mayson Tong/ Chickmcnugget

Inside of Cattle Runway

Photo credit: Quistography

Special Thanks to ChickMcnugget

Body-in-Progress: 聚光dance · 散光show

Body-in-Progress: 聚光dance · 散光show

陳敏兒 Abby Chan (Dance) x 莫偉強 Christoper Mok (Lighting Design)

16 Aug 2015(Sun)7:30pm





戲劇顧問Dramaturg: 陳志樺 Mann Chan
舞者 Dancers:
Frankie Ho
Kenneth Sze
Joseph Lee*
Gabbie Chan

Article about 聚光dance · 散光show by William Chan

On Two Work-in-progress Presentations with Bodies, Lights and Objects

In Your Face – Screen Dance Project

Abby Chan x INJURY

As the world becomes angrier, this video emphasize catching the exaggerated expressions, gestures and actions of rage. The issues may be different, but the anger expressed by people around the world is universally understood, like —– emoji. Film is a natural medium to explore the idea of uncontrollable emotions. The behavior can look cartoonish, clownish, or immature. Hopefully this humorous tone helps to drive home the idea that anger uncontrolled does benefits no one. ACTION (camera phrase) with good intention is in need.

Another attempt of this video is merging film, dance and the fashion design of INJURY together. The name INJURY – when you are being cut and sewn you are in a situation of INJURY same as fabrics. Same as people.

In Your Face

 Director and choreographer: Abby Chan

Performers: Olivia LiLai Tak WaiGabbie ChanPooN ChunhoRebecca Pik Kei WongNcw Rasta Steve

Producer: Jaye Chan
DOP: Billy Tai
Editor: Aka Mok
Special thanks: Rita Tita / Noemie Lafrance / Maurice LaiIvy TsuiJames Yang
Fashion sponsored by: Dan@INJURY http://theinjury.com.au


Allegro – E-Side Dance Company


Vibrant ideas raving out striking rhythms of movements.

編舞:林波 阮日廣 黃大徽 古倩婷*

Choreographers: Lam Po, Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Dick Wong, Christine Gouzelis*

11-12.7.2015 星期六 Sat 8pm 星期日 Sun 3pm

Theatre, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre

“Dick Wong Tai-fai’s solo for Abby Chan Man-yee, Fissure, explores the conflict between the rational and emotional sides of the brain. Chan dances the same sequence of steps over and over while her “other” self, projected on a screen, gives her instructions. The introduction of music transforms the steps as they are accompanied by first one, then another sequence from Stravinsky’s TheRite of Spring. A smart piece performed with commitment by Chan. “

-by Natasha Rogai (SCMP)

ArtPlus review by 洛楓