McMuiMui: RE

McMuiMui is a local dance duo founded by dancer-choreographers Abby Chan and Waimei Yeung. The duo made their marks in the world as early as in the 2000s, and has gone on hiatus for the last decade to pursue different paths in America. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019, McMuiMui reunites in rejoice at their hometown, reprising their iconic humour and style – after 10 years of ripening, transformation and reflection. It is about the duo’s lives, Hong Kong, identity, age and gender from both the personal and universal perspective. The work is set to unveil the weirdest facets of Hong Kong urban life and its funny anecdotes, lifting the exuberant femininity effortlessly.

MMM:RE Character

Production Team:

Choreography and Performance: Abby Chan & Yeung Wai Mei

Dramaturgy: Vee Leong

Curation: Felix Chan

Production: Georgina Lo

Performance: Caroline Chan#, Linda Lam, Iris Lau, Sharon Yau*

Stage Design & Promotion Photography: Yuen Hon Wai

Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

Music Design and Performance: Arm Charm

Costume Design: Cheng Man Wing

Video Design: Adrian Yeung# & Guy Cheung

Key Visual Design: Peter Bird Studio

*With kind permission of Chung Ying Theatre Company

#With kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Send In The Clowns

“Send In The Clowns”
Watanabe Mayumi x Karena Lam

Curator: Karena Lam

Choreographer : Abby Chan

Dance in video : Abby Chan x Karena Lam

Production House: Such Films Ltd.
Director: Maisy Choi
DOP: Chan Siu Ming
Editor: Wong Yan Ting
Composer: Ming @ Giggle Music

A Soldier’s Story – the new generation

photo courtesy of The Hong Kong Sinfonietta

Hong Kong Sinfonietta
Stravinsky – The Soldier’s Tale
An ageless tale of temptation, greed and hopeful redemption that resonates through time.

One of Hong Kong’s flagship orchestras, Hong Kong Sinfonietta presents a unique version of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, specially reconceived and re-enacted as a “concert drama”, featuring young violinist Tseng Yu-chien, winner of the highest awarded prize in the International Tchaikovsky Competition 2015, and acclaimed dance artist Chen Wu-kang.

The drama unfolds from the first act as Tseng’s virtuosity on Bach’s Chaconne for Solo Violin attracts the attention of the devil, portrayed by Chen. He then gains fame and recognition over the course of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D, Op 35, accompanied by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. An introspective second half of the evening sees the orchestra and dance artists relating a cautionary tale of the soldier/violinist who sacrifices his soul to the devil in exchange for fame, wealth and glory.

A Soldier’s Story – The New Generation is a production conceived in collaboration by Hong Kong Sinfonietta Music Director and Conductor Yip Wing-sie and choreographer Yuri Ng, with help from dance artists CHEN Wu-kang, Jay Jen Loo, Abby Chan and Hikaru Tsutagawa, and featuring a Mandarin libretto translated by Michael Lam.

The performance by Hong Kong Sinfonietta is financially supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Date:    2016/2/20
Time:    8PM
Venue:    Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall

Date:     2016/2/27

Time:      7:30PM

Venue:      Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore