McMuiMui Dansemble

Mcmuimui Dansemble was founded in 1997 by Abby Chan and Yeung Wai Mei, two Hong Kong independent contemporary dance choreographers cum dancers who are also active in the local theatre scene.

Their early collaborations include Running Wheel and Siesta – Before HK’s Return which were presented in New York and Hong Kong in 1996 and 1997. In 1998, their first full-length production Something Strange in the Air wowed the audience at the Independent Dance Festival in Hong Kong. It later toured in Tokyo International Dance Festival, Taipei Crown Theatre Festival and Seoul International Dance Festival. In 2005, their second full-length production Love in a Doggy Bag premiered at the Fringe Festival in HK and later performed at the Hua-Yi Festival in Singapore. This production won the Hong Kong Dance Award in 2006.

In 2008, Flesh Dance was commissioned by “ The Hong Kong Stories Series” of Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong. In the same year, the company published their first book “ A Ten-year Pictorial of Mcmuimui Dansemble”.
From 2008, they started to explore a new form of dance theatre incorporating dance, movement, text and music. Wetlands of a Woman, a collaboration with award-winning playwright Wong Wing-sze, is the first of its kind which is highly acclaimed. Boot-leg Butter-fly is another production exploring the infinite possibilities of dance theatre, in collaboration with novelist Chan wai and movie artistic director Man nim-ching. After the debut in Hong Kong, this production had toured in Guang Zhou (China) and Taipei.

Inspired by Nobel Prize Winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s short stories collection Strange Pilgrims, Key to Strange Realm has successfully bridged the magic and realism of Marquez’s literature, modern dance, theatre and independent musician Veegay’s music, with site specific directing and choreography.

Symbiosis –  Mcmuimui together with multi-media artist Christopher Lau and singer-song-writer Jing Wong, explores the intimated dynamics and interactive energy among co-existing bodies, space, sound and light within a huge 15,000 square foot warehouse style gallery Osage.

由香港舞蹈年獎得主楊惠美及陳敏兒於1996年在美國創立,後扎根香港,作品富有高度的肢體表現,具感知及原創性。兩位舞者渾身滲透著東方感性,以尖銳及幽默的手法,展現當代城市脈動,屢獲邀請赴海外演出,《尋找家豬的故事》(2005新加坡華文藝術節及香港乙城節) 榮獲2006舞蹈年獎。

香港編舞兼舞者陳敏兒和楊惠美成立「雙妹嘜舞蹈劇場」,曾透過絕核幽默的表演,記下一段段關於女性文化、身份及身體的註腳。二人及後於美國發展,經歷各種人生歷練,曾經最合拍的舞伴,一別十年,藉著舞團二十周年重返香港,《雙妹嘜 : RE》以舞蹈歌頌不同身體形態,分享性別與年齡的經驗,玩味香港文化與身份,發現城市裡的荒誕與奇觀,一起用最輕的力氣舉起超濃郁的女性情感。


1996     Running Wheel     輪在走

1997     Siesta – Before Hong Kong’s Return     午間小睡

1998     Something Strange in the Air     瘋繼續吹

2005    Love in a Doggy Bag     尋找家豬的故事

2008    Flesh Dance     十宰身體慶團緣

2008    Search for Yan Ruyu     尋找顏如玉

2008    Wetlands of a Woman     女人濕地

2009    Boot-leg  Butter-fly     與山伯同床

2009    Key to Strange Realm     人在旅途灑淚匙

2009    Symbiosis     共生

2019    MMM : RE     雙妹嘜 : RE