Village Vanguard by Quistography

Village Vanguard – Chapter 1

Proud souls, come forward
Bare your flag for the world to see
Theirs is a land on no map
A village with no border

Village Vanguard Chapter 1 from Quistography on Vimeo.

Art installation feature in

#ShibukaruMastsuri by #Parco #Exhibition

Venue : #PMQ

35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Date: 18 May to 29 May 2018

Arts in Town Its gonna be an array of creative works in different styles but one thing is definitely in common it is the inexhaustible talents one cant help noticing from these female creators.

【澀谷文化節 Shibukaru Matsuri by PARCO】 從2011年 PARCO 由澀谷 SHIBU 這遍潮流地標起步,定期舉行文化祭 KARU MATSURI,為時下女性創作者提供發表的場地。今年更將滿溢著年輕力量,每分每秒都在誕生多樣文化的澀谷街頭跨國來到香港。在霓虹管下,發表從時裝到藝術,從音樂到舞台的文化藝術。歡迎大家在5月18日至5月29日到PMQ的 “SHIBUKARU MATSURI”,感受魅惑的空間!

Performers: Abby Man-yee Chan Frankie Ho
Makeup artist: @AhYu Pak Kiseki Workshop 牛頭角新址
Hair Stylist: Tony Tang @tony03969
Costume: I N J U R Y
Poem: @Eric Lechmaier
Music: 0010×0010

Send In The Clowns

Watanabe Mayumi x Karena Lam x Abby Chan

Send In The Clowns



滅了的金紅燈球 讓舞台頓時失去了華美

像天空那麼大的帳幕 空空的 只剩滿地紙片沙沙嘆息著

籠子裡 大像思念著草原的芬芳

雄獅哀怨著逝去的英姿 淪落至跳火圈謀生

舉起一晚後腿的疲累狗兒們緊緊相依 終能歇息

白馬的空洞眼神 似乎已遺忘奔馳的自由

睡不安穩的動物們蜷縮在升自牢籠裡 問這一切何時會過去


馴獸師呆視著長鞭 內心卻不斷矛盾糾葛

扮空中飛人的年輕孩子獨自坐在黑暗的鞦韆上 想家

噴火特技男必須用威士忌漱口 只為蓋過嘴裡痛恨的汽油味

肢體怪奇者看著鏡子裡的自己 不解命運究竟



他們的歡樂/悲傷 華美/寂寥 光華/晦暗 猶如一支雙人舞緊緊相隨

光與影 黑與白 明與暗 日在夜裡 夜在日裡 循環循環循環著



Photo Credit to: Deon Wong and Hin Wan

Source: | Copyright © Timable

Cattle Runway Trailer 花生騷 1





26-27.10.2017 (四至五) 晚上8時30分
28.10.2017 (六) 下午4時, 晚上8時30分
29.10.2017 (Sun) 下午2時30分, 下午6時

$180 不設劃位

Concept by Quistography & Abby Man-yee Chan
Directing, filming & editing by Quistography
Music by Jason Wright
Costume designer – Kay Wong
Image design, make up & hair – Priscilla Choi Spectrum
elf production assistant – Rex Loong
snapshot: Nononino Tin

Cattle Runway 花生騷



Trendiest is Consumption, cometh my Erotic Fashion!

At the autumn Fashion Great Leap Forward are Abby CHAN,  Kay WONG, Mann CHAN,

and flock of handsome boys and girls!  Come, let us show you what you can really do to a fashion show!

Cattle Runway Show Trailer 三部曲 – Twisted Space


The Knife

For details of programme and various discount schemes, please
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節目查詢 Programme Enquiries: 2268 7323
票務查詢 Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661
信用卡電話購票 Credit Card Telephone Booking: 2111 5999
網上購票 Internet Booking:

《A Concise History of Future》 Reframe Theatre x FELIXISM CREATION

The first play by a Chinese playwright selected byBerliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt

A thought of millions of people, reverses South and North
Connected fates are the journeys swallowed by you and me…

“Resists any linear narrative dramaturgy, using highly concentrated poetical interweaving to elaborate the cruel phantasms of a contemporary society of asynchronies”
–– Kathrin Roggla (Jury member, Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt 2016)

A country on the brink of civil war. Two generations, two cities, two opposite journeys. While the entire population is fleeing towards the South, the outsider struggles to get to the North in order to fulfil his mission. Time levels intermingle. With nowhere to run or hide, where is history headed? Defying the linear narrative, witness barbarism unfolds in asynchrony.

Reframe Theatre
Every creation of theatre work is a new and unique experience. Every work therefore experiences a new process of reframing. Reframe Theatre aims at exploring new writing, scenography, relationship between body and space and is established by Yan Pat-to, a playwright, director and part-time university lecturer. Renowned British playwright and critic Dan Rebellato has described Yan as a “talented, engaged, enthusiastic, committed playwright whose work is extremely interesting, mixing the political and personal with power and effect”.

Dionysus Contemporary Theatre – ‬‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Date & Time
30 Sep & 1, 6-9, 13-15,19-22 Oct 2016(Wed-Sat)8PM ;
2,9 & 16 Oct 2016 (Sun) 3PM

Lyric Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Fri & Sat Evening  $980/$680/$480/$380/$280 ; VIP (limited quota) $1,180 ;
Wed, Thu & Sun Matinee  $780/$580/$380/$280/$180 ; VIP (limited quota) $980

Approximately 2 hours and 45 mins including intermission

In Cantonese with Chinese & English Subtitles

Director: Olivia Yan
Starring:Anthony Wong, Candice Yu
Major Cast : Alex Lam, Kate Yeung, Rosa Va, Angus Chan, Huen Tin-yeung
Cast : Yau Chung-wai, Chan Siu-tung, Fung Chi-yau, Steve NG,  German Cheung, To Chi-sing

Producer : Joyce Cheung
Set / Costume / Image Designer : Kelvin Tsang
Lighting Designer : Billy Chan
Composer : Veronica Lee
Sound Designer : Chung Chak Ming, Fung Chin Lung
Movement Director : Abby Chan
Production Director : Bobo Chan
Stage Manager : Mandy Mak
Hair Styling Coordinator : Ray Mork@Fifth Salon
Makeup Coordinator: Priscilla Choi@Spectrum-Makeup
Graphic Design Director : Kent Fok@tn PEACOCK
Graphic Design Photographer:Simon +C
Promotional Video Director : Chris Chan
Deputy Producer : Grace Wong, Dorothy Ngan
PR and Marketing Manager : Eva Leung
PR and Promotion : MediAdvertising (HK) Limited
Assistant to Director : German Cheung
Assistant to Producer : Crystal Li

Dionysus Contemporary Theatre website

The Rose of the Name 家寶




特邀演出:細So 張銘耀 陳敏兒 (兼形體指導)
演出 : 陳秄沁 馮幸詩 黃如妹 歐芷菲 李頊珩 郭俊傑 黃碧琪 李妍慧 郭曉晴(承蒙香港兒童音樂劇團批准參與是次演出)

錄像設計:The sumerian studio
票務及行政:孫偉文 蘇泳琪

沙田大會堂文娛廳          $260
18-20, 24-27/3/2016   8PM
20/3/2016   3PM再思-照顧-一詞專訪-家-寶-形體指導陳敏兒的故事/