McMuiMui: RE

McMuiMui is a local dance duo founded by dancer-choreographers Abby Chan and Waimei Yeung. The duo made their marks in the world as early as in the 2000s, and has gone on hiatus for the last decade to pursue different paths in America. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019, McMuiMui reunites in rejoice at their hometown, reprising their iconic humour and style – after 10 years of ripening, transformation and reflection. It is about the duo’s lives, Hong Kong, identity, age and gender from both the personal and universal perspective. The work is set to unveil the weirdest facets of Hong Kong urban life and its funny anecdotes, lifting the exuberant femininity effortlessly.

2009 Symbiosis 共生

2009 Key to Strange Realm 人在旅途灑淚匙

2009 Boot-leg Butter-fly 與山伯同床

2008 Wetlands of a Woman 女人濕地

2008 Flesh Dance 十宰身體慶團緣

2005 Love in a Doggy Bag 尋找家豬的故事