McMuiMui: RE

McMuiMui is a local dance duo founded by dancer-choreographers Abby Chan and Waimei Yeung. The duo made their marks in the world as early as in the 2000s, and has gone on hiatus for the last decade to pursue different paths in America. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019, McMuiMui reunites in rejoice at their hometown, reprising their iconic humour and style – after 10 years of ripening, transformation and reflection. It is about the duo’s lives, Hong Kong, identity, age and gender from both the personal and universal perspective. The work is set to unveil the weirdest facets of Hong Kong urban life and its funny anecdotes, lifting the exuberant femininity effortlessly.

MMM:RE Character

Production Team:

Choreography and Performance: Abby Chan & Yeung Wai Mei

Dramaturgy: Vee Leong

Curation: Felix Chan

Production: Georgina Lo

Performance: Caroline Chan#, Linda Lam, Iris Lau, Sharon Yau*

Stage Design & Promotion Photography: Yuen Hon Wai

Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

Music Design and Performance: Arm Charm

Costume Design: Cheng Man Wing

Video Design: Adrian Yeung# & Guy Cheung

Key Visual Design: Peter Bird Studio

*With kind permission of Chung Ying Theatre Company

#With kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Boot-leg Butter-fly

15-17.05.2009 Shouson Theatre (Hong Kong)

23-25.05.2009 Guang Zhou Modern Dance Theatre (China)

9-11.10.2009 Taipei Kuandu Arts Festival (Taiwan)

Inspired by the renowned Chinese tale Butterfly Lovers, the new collaboration of renowned Hong Kong novelist Chan Wai and the two female dancers/choreographers Yeung Wai-mei and Abby Chan. Boot-leg Butter-fly explores the intimate relationship between females as well as their living situation, constraints and competition modern women are facing with,
through well structured text, body movement and music. The three female artists are no feminist but are all fascinated by the surprises and creativity of women in todays modern cities, not to mention the struggle between in-born traditions and heritage. The inspiring piece will incorporate new forms of stage performance through the dancers/choreographers
edge on presentation and interpretation of the traditional oriental tale. The involvement of renowned artistic director Man Lim-chung in the movie industry will surely bring in artistic and creative surprises to the Chinese as well as international audiences.

Wetlands of a Woman

Wetlands of a Woman

12-14 Sept., 2008
Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shouson Theatre

Presented by Mcmuimui Dansemble
Co-presented by Princess Blackbox

Director, Choreographer, Performer:
Abby Chan 陳敏兒

Playwright, Performer:
Wong Wing Sze 黃詠詩

Videography: Maurice Lai