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Hong Kong x Taipei Dance Exchange
城雙成對 香港x 台北舞蹈交流

Hong Kong Week 2012
Choreographer Abby Chan, together with Body Make-up artist Evon Chen

explores the intimate dynamics and interactive energy within body, color, sound and light in this heritage building in Taipei.
Presented by Hong Kong- taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee

Pixels in the Closet

Pixels in the Closet

In a unique collaboration between Hong Kong choreographer Abby Chan and Denver digital artist Bryan Leister, dance, digital images and sound tell a dark tale from childhood memories. Motion capture technology using infrared cameras, inverse kinematics recognition and Kinect software will allow Chan to control and create music in real-time through her dance movements. The combination of Chinese dance and cultural icons melded with the latest in digital game/controller technology and graphics promises to deliver a powerful theater experience.

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Choreographer: Abby Chan

Multimedia Artist, Video: Bryan Leister, Nichole Chang

Performers: Abby Chan , Cai Ying

Atlas Institute, Black Box Theater, University of Colorado Boulder

This Performance is made possible through the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council,

Atlas Institute University of Colorado at Boulder, and Redline Gallery