The 4th Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival

第四屆跳格國際舞蹈錄像節特輯 @ aTV (第一節)

The 4th Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival

Commissioned by City Contemporary Dance Company
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Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council

香港藝術發展局全力支持藝術表達自由, 本計劃內容並不反映本局意見。
Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression.
The views and opinions expressed in the project do not represent the stand of the Council.

Unreachable Distance in Taiwan

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DATE 2010/10/29(Fri.) 19:30
2010/10/30-31(Sat-Sun.) 14:30

VENUE 國立臺北藝術大學 展演藝術中心 舞蹈廳
Taipei National University of the Arts – Performing Arts Center – Dance Theater

PERFORMERS 台灣古名伸與香港動藝舞蹈團
Taiwan’s Ku Ming-Shen and Hong Kong’s DanceArt
Choreographer and Dancer: Ku Ming-Shen/Dancers: Andy Wang, Francis Leung, Yvette Wong, Antoinette Mak, Abby Chan

Shanghai Expo – Hong Kong Week Closing Performance

Shanghai Expo – Hong Kong Week Closing Performance
Hong Kong Sinfonietta: A Soldier’s Story

In Hong Kong & Shanghai, Oct 2010

A collaboration of MUSIC, DANCE, and NARRATION
In this crossover production, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Music Director Yip Wing-sie and renowned choreographer Yuri Ng recreate the Faustian dark tale of the soldier who traded his violin for a book of fortune.  Four leading Asian dance artists: Huang Lei, Shirai Tsuyosho, Jay Jen Loo and Abby Chan will dance to Stravinsky’s witty, highly infectious and intricately written work, The Soldier’s Tale, played by an ensemble of seven musicians.  Actor Chu Pak-him, narrating a Chinese text adapted by writer Michael Lam, will portray the devil as well as a merciless commentator.

To complete the programme, the orchestra will play two other musical gems by Stravinsky aptly chosen for the context.  The neo-classical work Jeu de Cartes (The Card Game), originally written for a Balanchine ballet, may be recalled during the twists and turns in The Soldier’s Tale, when the soldier became remorseful of his pact with the devil and challenged the devil to a card game, hoping to restore his original life by losing everything he greedily acquired with the devil’s power.  The other work, Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo, was written by the composer in gratitude to the sponsor of The Soldier’s Tale during the First World War, the piece will be performed by Principal Clarinet Fong Hiu-kai, Johnny.

Apart from the Hong Kong performance on 15 Oct, this exciting production will also be the closing performance of the Hong Kong Week at the Shanghai World Expo, being also a programme of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival.

15.10.2010  (Fri) 8:00pm
Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Tickets: $280, $160, $100

22.10.2010  (Fri) 7:30pm
Shanghai Oriental Art Center Oriental Concert Hall
Tickets: RMB 580 (VIP), 380, 280, 180, 100

For photos, please download from HERE or contact Ms Amanda Mok.
A HKSAR Programme for Expo 2010 Shanghai – Hong Kong Week Closing Programme

Hong Kong Sinfonietta:
A Soldier’s Story

Music Director/Conductor: Yip Wing-sie
Director/Choreographer: Yuri Ng
Narrator: Chu Pak-him
Dance Artists: Huang Lei*, Shirai Tsuyoshi, Jay Jen Loo, and Abby Chan
Clarinet: Fong Hiu-kai Johnny
Adaptation: Michael Lam

*Allowed to perform by the Hong Kong Dance Company

Stravinsky      Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo

Stravinsky      Jeu de Cartes

Stravinsky      The Soldier’s Tale