《A Concise History of Future》 Reframe Theatre x FELIXISM CREATION

The first play by a Chinese playwright selected byBerliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt

A thought of millions of people, reverses South and North
Connected fates are the journeys swallowed by you and me…

“Resists any linear narrative dramaturgy, using highly concentrated poetical interweaving to elaborate the cruel phantasms of a contemporary society of asynchronies”
–– Kathrin Roggla (Jury member, Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt 2016)

A country on the brink of civil war. Two generations, two cities, two opposite journeys. While the entire population is fleeing towards the South, the outsider struggles to get to the North in order to fulfil his mission. Time levels intermingle. With nowhere to run or hide, where is history headed? Defying the linear narrative, witness barbarism unfolds in asynchrony.

Reframe Theatre
Every creation of theatre work is a new and unique experience. Every work therefore experiences a new process of reframing. Reframe Theatre aims at exploring new writing, scenography, relationship between body and space and is established by Yan Pat-to, a playwright, director and part-time university lecturer. Renowned British playwright and critic Dan Rebellato has described Yan as a “talented, engaged, enthusiastic, committed playwright whose work is extremely interesting, mixing the political and personal with power and effect”.