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UMBRELLA – Dance and Music Series presented by Toccata Studio, Malaysia

Presented by Toccato Studio Malaysia
Dance = Music Series #7


Dancer: Abby Chan , Cai Ying(Hong Kong)
Music: Ng Chor Guan

Date: 27 May & 28 May
Time: 830pm
Venue: Toccata Studio 19 B, SS2/55 , 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


Presented by Toccata Studio


Photo by Ng Chor Guan

由馬來西亞吉隆波 Toccata Studio 邀請及主辦之藝術家文化交流計劃,香港編舞家陳敏兒與馬來西亞著名音樂作曲家黃楚源,以音樂與舞蹈進行一連串實驗和碰撞,以兩地之生活文化色彩作溝通橋樑,最後以傘子無限變化之象徵意義作為演出之精髓。舞作並邀請來自中國的舞者蔡穎參與其中。

Invited by Toccata Studio in Malaysia, this cultural exchange program has an emphasis on Exchange and Exploration. Hong Kong choreographer Abby Man Yee Chan and Malaysian born composer Ng Chor Guan share their practice of studio-based research which allows artists to deepen, interrogate or refine their creative ideas in dance and music. The final production ” Umbrella ” performed by Abby Chan and Cai Ying with live music by Ng Chor Guan was the highlight in this cultural exchange program.

The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People

“The beautiful People” by Quistography

Music: The beautiful people from marilyn manson
Actress/Dancer: Abby Chan
Director & Camera by Quistography
Assistant: Alieen & Ar B
Stylist: Dan from Injury
Make up artist: Angel Mok
Hair Stylist: Cooney Lai

The Beautiful People from Quistography on Vimeo.