RE/evolution 反反覆覆

Y-Space 15th Anniversary Program
Hong Kong / Poland Multi-media Dance Theatre

An evolution of modernity, a return to the cultural roots
*15.05.2010 (Sat) 8.00pm
16.05.2010 (Sun) 3.00pm

$ 180, $ 120
Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre
* Post-performance Talk
Conceiver, Director & Choreographer: Victor Ma(Hong Kong)、Jacek Luminskyi (Poland)

Dancers: Abby Chan (HK/NY), Victor Ma (HK), Song Nan (Beijing), Mandy Yim (HK)
(Poland) Agnieszka Doberska, Daniel Galaska, Anna Piec, Sebastian Zajkowski
Set Designer: Ewing Chan
Lighting Designer: Alice Kwong
Video Designer: Adrian Yeung
Sound Designer: Him Lo
Stage Manager: Bethia Chan
Deputy Stage Manager: Ho Mei Lin
Producers: Mandy Yim, Catherine Yau

Technology evolves, desires expand, do our lives become more comfortable, or more hectic?

Will history, culture and traditions diminish with the evolution of developments?

How to preserve cultural traditions alongside developments?

How could modern men find a balancing point facing the dichotomy of civilizations/developments/technology and history/culture/traditions?

The cultural crash between the contemporary performing arts elites of Hong Kong and Poland for the first time will explore the intricate relations of cultural traditions and modern technology in today’s world.

RE/evolution is an Exchange / Co-creation Project of Y-Space (HK) and Silesian Dance Theatre (Poland). The work will have its world premiere in Hong Kong in May, and will tour to Poland in participation of the 17th Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference & Performance Festival in 2010.

“Y-Space was excellent….The choreography is well executed. Their performance cuts across cultures”
– The Herald

Silesian Dance Theatre (SDT) (Poland)

SDT is Poland’s first professional contemporary dance company, established in 1991 by Jacek Luminski. Luminski has developed a new dance form and style based on the rich cultural traditions of Poland. The company has toured extensively in Europe and the States. Since 1994, SDT organizes the Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival, which attracted performing groups from around the world.

Re-evolution p.3

Boot-leg Butter-fly

15-17.05.2009 Shouson Theatre (Hong Kong)

23-25.05.2009 Guang Zhou Modern Dance Theatre (China)

9-11.10.2009 Taipei Kuandu Arts Festival (Taiwan)

Inspired by the renowned Chinese tale Butterfly Lovers, the new collaboration of renowned Hong Kong novelist Chan Wai and the two female dancers/choreographers Yeung Wai-mei and Abby Chan. Boot-leg Butter-fly explores the intimate relationship between females as well as their living situation, constraints and competition modern women are facing with,
through well structured text, body movement and music. The three female artists are no feminist but are all fascinated by the surprises and creativity of women in todays modern cities, not to mention the struggle between in-born traditions and heritage. The inspiring piece will incorporate new forms of stage performance through the dancers/choreographers
edge on presentation and interpretation of the traditional oriental tale. The involvement of renowned artistic director Man Lim-chung in the movie industry will surely bring in artistic and creative surprises to the Chinese as well as international audiences.

Wetlands of a Woman

Wetlands of a Woman

12-14 Sept., 2008
Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shouson Theatre

Presented by Mcmuimui Dansemble
Co-presented by Princess Blackbox

Director, Choreographer, Performer:
Abby Chan 陳敏兒

Playwright, Performer:
Wong Wing Sze 黃詠詩

Videography: Maurice Lai